Our Story

We love a good baked treat, whether it is a good cookie, a good brownie, or even a good cheesecake. When we looked around us, we realized there aren't many options for people who are conscious about the ingredients that actually go into their food. When we look to eat out, there are a few things we look for: humane or pasture raise, fair-trade, real, simple, organic and wholesome ingredients.

We value having ingredients sourced from local family farms. The environment is harmed less when things don't travel such a far distance. Additionally, we love it when these farms treat their employees and their animals well. We believe that a happy farm produces healthier, more wholesome products.

When we wanted to choose the ingredients we were going to use for our products, we prioritized local and smaller farms. We use unbleached non-GMO flour, organic raw sugar, and pasture raised organic eggs. We prefer to use things as close to nature as they can be. Furthermore, we like to make sure we are making the least negative impact we can, as the small business we are.

When we package our cookies, we make sure that the packaging we use is from a plant based source and is compostable. We may not be perfect, but as we learn more about how to be good to the environment, we implement the knowledge we have.

Next time you go out and eat, we'd like you to ponder the sources of the ingredients that went into that food.