About Us

 Every ingredient we have chosen has a story. We choose our ingredients responsibly and carefully. We use organic and local ingredients where possible, and choose the highest quality ingredients for both us and the environment. We all live in our world together, so we believe that we should all try our best to do our part. Our packaging has been well thought out and selected for being sustainable, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. We are also working on getting Non-GMO certified. 
 Our mission to to celebrate local farms and businesses while maintaining the simplicity of our ingredients. 
This is why our eggs come from Alexandre Family Farms, and we have chosen them because they have revolutionized the process of giving the chicken a great life, while simultaneously caring for the environment and sharing high quality, fresh eggs. 
We have chosen to use raw, non-GMO sugar. This not only gives our cookies a unique flavor, it also helps maintain the good nutrients in sugar. We have also chosen to use unbleached flour from local mills.
Our ice cream, milk, and cream come from the Straus Family Farms, which have been the driving force behind organic, sustainable farming in Northern California. As the first 100% certified organic creamery in the United States, they have revolutionized the industry. We love it when companies take strides towards sustainability and positive farming practices.
The bottom line is: we only use simple ingredients you can recognize and pronounce such as butter, flour, sugar, vanilla, and eggs. We support, value, and respect companies that go the extra mile to make products of quality and conscientiousness. These values help maintain a great environment, and make the best baked goods you’ve ever tasted.